What is this?

Customers talk about your products and services everyday on the Internet. Sometimes they say good things: sometimes they say bad things.

Sometimes they make a video about how much they hate you.

ReputationPlus manges your online customer services, maintains your relationship with the market in real time and actively promotes your business across multiple social networks.

In other words, we meet your customers on their own turf.

Our services

We have four packages to meet your needs depending on the degree of connection you want to make with your market. We can monitor your online presence, respond to reviews, comments and complaints, actively promote your brand across networks or train and support your staff as they engage your customers online ...read on

Why do you need this?
web marketing

The customer is no longer a passive recipient of your carefully-crafted marketing messages. The rise of the internet, social networks and online publishing tools, mean they can say what they feel about your brand wherever and wherever they like. ...read on