What makes us different

If you take social media seriously and really reach out to your market, the rewards can be immense.

On the other hand if you ignore what has become a fast-growing phenomenon, it can damage your sales and reputation before you know what's happening.

At ReputationPlus we have the experience, knowledge and resources to provide you with an effective new channel to support and connect with your customers.

We have been active in social media since 2004 and we are very experienced communicators.


Neil MacLean was an award-winning journalist with the Sunday Times for 17 years. He worked for Microsoft as the launch producer of Expedia in the UK and he subsequently consulted to several online start-ups. He has been immersed in social media as a consultant, running digital PR campaigns since 2004.

Claire Dean was a familiar face on television screens for 13 years as a reporter and presenter on STV. She also worked on the news beat at Radio Clyde and more recently ran her own video production agency. Claire lectures in broadcast journalism at Caledonian University and teaches the next generation of journalists about social media, online video, live blogging and harnessing the power of user generated content.