What We Do

We have four packages which we can tailor to your needs depending on the degree of connection you want to make with your market.

First Response

We seek out all mentions of your brand in the social space, including customer complaints and negative reviews. We continually monitor conversations about your company and refer all issues to your named representatives through pre-agreed procedures. Additionally we provide you with full and regular reports, including analysis and recommendations for your marketing and customer services.

Active Contact

In addition to monitoring your online presence in social networks we respond to all mentions of your brand on your behalf, engaging positive and negative commentators, encouraging brand enthusiasts, challenging detractors and liaising between the online communities and your named personnel.

Total Engagement

We actively represent your brand and promote your company across multiple social networks, setting up and running social media campaigns to connect with relevant and influential online consumers to help you grow your market, increase your online presence and generate increased positive coverage on and offline.

Flying Solo

If you prefer to run your social media campaigns in-house we offer seminars and training sessions to bring your staff up to speed with the requirements of online customer services. These course can either be at your own offices or off-site and include practical hands-on exercises and training as well as planning for future online requirements.